Life’s Good 캠페인 ‘찰리 푸스’와 함께하는 뮤직 프로젝트!

2021.05.27 소셜홍보팀

Hi, everyone.
I’m Charlie Puth and I’m leading season two of LG’s Life’s Good music project.
I hope that we can spread some hope and happiness by making music together
And you guys have a chance to show the world your talent.
But above all, let’s have some fun!
I’ve written the melody and chorus of life’s good song.
Let me play for you right now.

You didn’t give up on me
You helped me get up out my head
So who knows where I’d be if
You never said
If at first you don’t succeed
And you fall down to your knees oh you gotta
Pick yourself, back up, and try again
If you don’t go like it should,
Just remember life is good, and you gotta
Pick yourself, back up, and try again

So now we’ve got the melody and chorus, let’s complete the song together
We need singers and songwriters. If that’s what you’re into, write us from great lyrics.
If you like to add your own sounds to things, you can participate as a vocalist, or play my melody, or some harmonies on the instrument of your choice
Upload your entry with #LifeisGoodMusic_LG on Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok.
You’ll find more details below.
Let me hear how life’s good for you.
Let’s make something amazing together.

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