Life’s Good 캠페인 ‘잭슨 티시’와 함께하는 무비 프로젝트!

2021.05.28 소셜홍보팀

Change for me is the catalyst for being creative.
It’s a bit more spiritual to just trust the process.
What’s beautiful about our craft is the surprises are usually the best anyway.
As a filmmaker based here in New York, I’ve seen firsthand how life can challenge us in unexpected ways.
Collectively, we’ve all been forced to grow and find creativity and a new appreciation for things that we might not have had before.
That’s why I’m partnering with LG and hopefully a lot of you out there to create a film that’s focused on not only this past year and how we got through it, but where we are now and how we’re moving forward.
You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to take part.
All you need is a camera and your unique perspective.
This is a global film and submissions are open to everybody.
It will remind us that despite how hard things get life’s good when we’re in it together.
Make sure to follow LG Global on Instagram and Youtube and upload your favorite footage to your social media channels with #LifeisGoodFilm_LG.
You can check out the link in my bio for more information.

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